At Walnut Creek Sober Living and Recovery, we strive to provide our residents with every resource they could need to aid in their unique recovery process. Studies have shown that the most critical time in ones sobriety is when they come out of treatment. Returning to your previous environment leads to relapse in as much as 90% of addicts. We believe that providing our residents with a high end, clean, modern, community based environment to live will allow each resident to focus on his sobriety. Did you know that within 3 miles of our Walnut Creek Campus there are over 500 businesses that are constantly hiring? Did you also know that within 5 miles of our campus there are over 75 AA/NA meetings every day? Do you like to golf? Right across the street is Champions Golf Course! Are you interested in nature? Good news, gorgeous Innis Woods Park 150 acre nature trails border our campus! Worried about transportation? Don't be! Walnut Creek Sober Living and Recovery is only 1/16 of a mile from multiple COTA bus stops! Everything you need from grocery stores, to medical assistance is right at your fingertips.